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All G Foods

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All G Foods


All G Foods

All G Foods is a global highly innovative, consumer centric, global future-of-food company from Australia. The company’s mission is to take the weight and heartache out of feeding the planet with a variety of nutritious, protein-packed and earth-friendly plant-based foods. All G Foods is committed to making a positive impact socially, environmentally and economically.

Project description

Until recently, All G Foods was part of TWIYO Capital’s Virtual CFO program. We supported the company through its initial stage of growth by taking care of time-consuming financial duties from cash flow management and reporting to business planning and administrative support. Outsourcing the finance function to TWIYO allowed All G Foods to focus on business growth activities. In late 2021, All G Foods “graduated” from our Virtual CFO program and has now added a full-time CFO to the business.


2 years Virtual CFO

capital raise


Jan Pacas

CEO & Founder

TWIYO's approach to business is a breath of fresh air. Quality work, fast turnaround times and refreshingly transparent. I want to thank Ryan and his team for the invaluable advice and driving spirit towards continual improvement.

For a high-growth business like The Entourage, having a reliable finance partner is essential. Over the past three years TWIYO has played that role for us perfectly. From refining our board financial reporting to improving our end-of-month processes, TWIYO has brought clarity and efficiency to our financial operations. Their skill in restructuring our multi-year forecast (and performing re-forecasts when the shifting economic times have called for it) has been invaluable. They've also helped us with myriad other essential tasks, from establishing a holding company to helping us onboard new tax accountants, all of which have been necessary as The Entourage has grown. Ryan and the team are also great to work with, so if you're in need of top-tier virtual CFO services, I wholeheartedly recommend TWIYO.

Tim Morris


The team at TWIYO helped us navigate a period of significant growth as our needs from our finance department changed. They bolted on to our internal finance team and they ensured everything was prepared accurately for our audit, they prepared our board reports for multiple regions and built out our 3-way forecasts - I can't recommend them enough.

Joshua Ross

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

TWIYO are a great asset to our team and continue to help us raise the bar as operators. Their support has given us more clarity to build our long term strategies and how we can improve efficiencies. I look forward to crafting our company's vision together and adding even more value to our business.

Cassandra Sasso


If you are interested in building a more profitable business, you need an experienced CFO. And not just any CFO. You need to contact the team at TWIYO. My only regret is that I didn’t start working with these guys earlier.

Sonia Majkic


We engaged TWIYO for CFO advisory services in our formative growth years and they served to fit the need for expert finance advice before we needed that as a full-time role. They were able to help us navigate internal and external reporting needs and give strong advice on how we should be running and structuring the business, including introducing us to the R&D tax incentive. Their background in franchising was super helpful as they were instrumental in setting up our franchisee reporting framework

Tim Butters


For years I felt lost working between bookkeepers and tax accountants, expecting them to give me strategic advice on how to do things better, how to forecast and navigate complex commercial situations. It wasn’t until I met TWIYO and understood that CFO advisory was the missing link in my finance function. I recommend TWIYO to everyone that is running their start up and needs good commercial advice. They are extremely reliable and work at the same pace that we do.

Matej Varhalik

Co-founder and CEO

For the past 2 years, TWIYO has played a crucial part, providing sound advice and expertise when needed. As a growing business we had to overcome numerous challenges and it has been humbling to have the unerring support of TWIYO every step of the way. I want to thank Ryan Barnes and his team for the continued support that is important to the success of our business.

Mark Sheppard


TWIVO has brought tremendous value to our business, assisting us in the procurement of capital, monthly financial reporting and driving business development opportunities.

James Hickey


I've worked with Stuart, Ryan, Samantha and the rest of the TWIYO team now for 3+ years and they have been nothing short of amazing. Their experience and advice is unrivaled, but better yet, they're the most genuine people you'll ever have the pleasure of working with. From day one, you'll know that they really care about making sure they do everything in their power to ensure your business reaches it's full potential. You won't find a better advisory team to work with. They have my highest recommendation.

Paul Lougee


TWIYO's approach to business is a breath of fresh air. Quality work, fast turnaround times and refreshingly transparent. I want to thank Ryan and his team for the invaluable advice and driving spirit towards continual improvement.

Jan Pacas

CEO & Founder

TWIYO has played an integral role in the success of AirSeed. The capital and ongoing partnership will allow us to turbocharge our international expansion strategy. Outsourcing our CFO role to TWIYO gives us peace of mind knowing that our financials are well managed and we have professional advice at our finger-tips.

Andrew Walker

CEO & Founder

TWIYO supported us to build the foundations of our business on systems, reporting and compliance. It was the level of sophistication that attracted and closed a global investment and expansion deal for Fitstop.

Peter Hull

CEO & Founder

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