our services

A combination of programs designed to meet the distinct challenges of start-ups and scale-ups

CFO Advisory

Proven and flexible finance partnership model for businesses at all stages.

We are not just a service provider. We are a partner to bolt on to your existing infrastructure and make it more effective. We are your CFO-on-call who has understood your business, helping to identify cost-saving opportunities, advise on financial planning, systems, team structure, contracts and vendor management.

From refining our board financial reporting to improving our end-of-month processes, TWIYO has brought clarity and efficiency to our financial operations.

Tim Morris

The Entourage

Capital Raise Advisory

Getting businesses investment-ready ahead of capital events to ensure the best possible valuation

We guide businesses on everything they need to become investment ready to ensure the best possible valuation. We support formalities before, during, and after the raise; and can continue to support businesses in the future with complementary services. We appreciate that early-stage businesses need to balance resources and risk.

In partnership with TWIYO we have raised $2 million and we’re now embarking on an international expansion, safe in the knowledge that we have effective financial and corporate governance frameworks in place.

Andrew Blow

Lifesize Plans

Corporate Advisory

Guiding you through the most important transaction of your life to realise the value of your investment.

We help manage the process and prepare you to go-to-market, and engage strategic investors/acquirers on your behalf. We hold strategic planning sessions that facilitate robust discussions and help produce meaningful output that can be integrated back into the business.

TWIYO's approach to business is a breath of fresh air. Quality work, fast turnaround times and refreshingly transparent.

Jan Pacas

All G Foods