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AirSeed completes $2.1 million seed raise

Stuart Cook

Stuart Cook

June 22, 2021

Drone technology business completes seed raise to expand sales & product capabilities

Headquartered in Sydney with a satellite office in Cape Town, South Africa, AirSeed was co-founded by Andrew Walker, mechanical engineer, and GeoSpatial data expert Andries Louw.

AirSeed combines drone technology, artificial and data driven intelligence with its proprietary seed pod bio-technology.

Currently, AirSeed is focusing its research and development operations in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with further global expansion anticipated in 2022.

$2.1 million cash injection

TWIYO Capital now completed a $2.1 million funding round to sophisticated investors that values the business at $6 million on a pre-money basis. The funds will be used to advance the technology, invest in research & development, expand the team and drive sales and marketing.

In early 2020, AirSeed raised ~$380,000 in crowdfunding equity via OnMarket

100 million trees by 2024

Traditional (or manual) planting solutions continue to be slow, labour intensive, expensive and ineffective in mitigating today’s rate of deforestation.

AirSeed’s technology is an innovative response to a global problem that is unprecedented in scale, speed, and scope. Every year 15 billion trees are lost globally. Agriculture, Commodity Based Manufacturing, Forestry and Wildfires are the major contributors to global deforestation.

AirSeed’s technology can plant up to 40,000 trees a day.
AirSeed’s technology can plant up to 40,000 trees a day.

Airseed Technologies has developed a proprietary, innovative and scalable solution for reforestation and re-vegetation that is faster and cheaper than traditional manual planting practices.

The company’s aim is to plant over 100 million trees in Australia/NZ and Africa by 2024 before accelerating the rollout to 300 million+ trees.

Experienced team determined to make an impact

The AirSeed team is made up of experienced professionals in engineering, agriculture, marine and terrestrial micro-biology with a proven track record in early stage growth businesses.

Andrew Walker, Director, CEO & Co-Founder, is a senior leader, mechanical engineer and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience within the automotive/aerospace design sector for companies such as BMW and AirBus Industries.

Andries Louw, Director, Chief Pilot & Co-Founder, is one of the most experienced mapping and drone data analysts in Africa, Andries has done extensive research in the field of GeoSpatial data and the implementation data in Precision Agriculture and Land Surveying. Over the past 3 years, Andries has mapped and processed over 40 000 hectares across South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, and Australia and offers a strong technical background in UAV systems.

Andrew Walker and Andries Louw testing one of their commercial drones.
Andrew Walker and Andries Louw testing one of their commercial drones.

TWIYO Capital led the capital raise and will continue to work with AirSeed towards a larger funding round in 12-18 months to enable rapid global expansion.

More information

Learn more about AirSeed here.

For strategic enquries and information on future capital raises contact TWIYO.

Stuart Cook

Founding Partner

World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Australian Young CEO of The Year. Former CEO of Zambrero aged 23, growing sales from $1m to over $75m and expanding the business into three countries. Investor, advisor, board member and mentor to over a dozen businesses and charities.

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