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How TWIYO Became Carbon Neutral

Ryan Barnes

Ryan Barnes

February 22, 2022

TWIYO adds carbon neutrality to its CSR framework; partners with The Gold Standard

In keeping with the TWIYO company values, this financial year, we have begun offsetting our carbon footprint to combat climate change and minimise the environmental impact caused by our everyday activity. We plan to only have a neutral or positive impact on the environment and over time, we’ll come to expect the same of those within our network.

Carbon offset schemes allow companies to invest in environmental projects around the world to balance out their own carbon footprints.

Every quarter, we offset our carbon footprint through The Gold Standard - a platform that provides carbon credits and funds accredited projects across the globe. Using a calculation based on our team numbers and operational behaviours, we measure our carbon impact to determine the credits required to offset this. These credits then go directly towards funding projects such as reforestation, biogas, and renewable energy production that counteracts carbon emissions.

We are proud to announce that, to date, we have offset 115 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

But we won’t stop there.

Whilst giving funds to various projects, we are also taking action closer to home to lessen our environmental impact by implementing effective everyday habits. This includes reducing emissions by taking public transport instead of a car where possible, encouraging video calls over in-person meetings, as well as even simpler actions like banning disposable food and beverage containers (and more) in the workplace.

The purpose of this initiative is not only to demonstrate our own corporate social responsibility, but to raise awareness on the issue, and encourage our clients and community to also take action. The more individuals and companies that get involved, the greater the impact of counteracting the damage of greenhouse gases, and creating a cleaner environment for the future.

Find out how you can help transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future with us here.

Learn more about Gold Standard here.

Ryan Barnes

Managing Partner

Ryan has the foundations of large chartered firms and multi-national businesses, but it wasn’t long before he found his home in the private and entrepreneurial space, having raised, scaled and exited businesses from the inside. Since TWIYO's inception in 2020, Ryan has consulted at a CFO level to over 100 scale-up businesses - driving its recognition as an AFR fast-starter.

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