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TWIYO to Open 5 Fitstop Gyms in NSW

Stuart Cook

Stuart Cook

September 14, 2022

TWIYO increases investment in health & fitness. This health & fitness focused investment fund is a portfolio of multiple cash generating assets and will deliver passive income to investors

Functional fitness company Fitstop has been soaring to new heights in recent years, growing to 85+ locations through a unique mix of in-person classes and online.

Fitstop, which is backed by global wellness giant Lift Brands, was founded in Queensland in 2017 by Peter Hull and has quickly grown to amass 18,000 members.

TWIYO Capital & Advisory, a boutique corporate advisory firm, has been an early supporter, advisor and investor of Fitstop and provided virtual CFO services until recently before assisting the company to transition to a full-time team following the investment by Lift Brands.  

TWIYO and Fitstop are now extending their partnership in a unique way. Earlier this year, TWIYO raised funds from private investors to open up to 5 Fitstop gyms in prime locations across Sydney.

“Fitstop has a unique business model, highly attractive unit economics and a member-first technology approach that is setting a new standard in the health & fitness industry,” said Ryan Barnes, Managing Partner at TWIYO.

This health & fitness focused investment fund is an innovative model to deliver passive income and capital growth to stakeholders. TWIYO will leverage its franchise and fitness expertise to manage and operate the five locations.

Barnes further added: “We have an in-depth understanding of the business model and therefore know all the elements to operate a successful location. That’s how the idea of the TWIYO Active fund - a health & fitness focused investment fund - was born. It’s very compelling and we fully intend to do more.”

Fitstop Brookvale opened its doors under new TWIYO leadership last week and the second location will open later this year.

Heading up the fund division at TWIYO is fitness expert and operator Justin O’Neil: “The opportunities in health & fitness in a post-COVID world are immense. Fitstop is constantly pushing the boundaries of client engagement and innovation through technology and their unique approach. Our goal is to grow the brand across NSW, overdeliver and retain our members and make a difference in the community.”

TWIYO has big plans for the future and won’t stop here. The company is already exploring future investment opportunities for investors, both in the health & fitness space but also other sectors like food technology and impact investing.

“Many of our clients and investments grow rapidly, often by way of a franchising strategy, and we see many opportunities to expand our portfolio and generate passive income for our network of investors,” said Stuart Cook, Founding Partner of TWIYO.

Stuart Cook

Founding Partner

Stuart started his entrepreneurial journey at Zambrero, the Australia-based food franchise, where he was the CEO from 2009 to 2015. Since leaving Zambrero, Stuart has invested in 30+ start-ups and has worked as an advisor, board member or mentor to many more including Fitstop, AirSeed and Ozharvest Ventures which he is currently Chairman of the board.

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