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TWIYO and Boston University Empower Future Leaders

Alana Zaccariotto

Alana Zaccariotto

November 21, 2023

This month we are celebrating our innovative partnership with BU.

TWIYO is celebrating its partnership with the Boston University Internship Program. This exciting collaboration between TWIYO and Boston University has created a nurturing environment for budding business leaders, and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Stuart Cook, co-founder of TWIYO, expressed his delight when reflecting on the past 13 years of collaboration with BU's internship program, beginning long before the founding of TWIYO. He remarked, "Over the past 13 years, I've had the pleasure of working with 25+ interns through the Boston University Internship Program. They have all contributed and added value to not only my business and portfolio companies but also the culture as well. We've even invested in some of the companies they've started."

Cultivating Talent On the Other Side of the Globe

This long-standing relationship reflects TWIYO and Boston University's commitment to nurturing young talent and the experience of previous BU interns echoes this sentiment. They shared their stories of growth and connection during their time at TWIYO - working and living on the other side of the world in Sydney.

Varshitha Kumar, a BU intern, said, "TWIYO offers an exceptional internship experience! It provides an incredibly supportive environment where you receive valuable guidance and assistance from friendly co-workers."

Molly Rubin, a current intern at TWIYO, added, “While I have only been at the company for a month, I already feel like part of the TWIYO family. The inclusivity of the team and the positive work they do to build a better world inspires me every day. I couldn’t be more grateful that I connected with TWIYO!”  

Leon Kwauk, a BU finance student, got to dive headfirst into the world of financial modeling and evaluations, highlighting how TWIYO lets interns choose their work based on their interests, allowing them to maximise their knowledge and skills.

Making Every Intern Feel Valued and Rewarded

Kerry Seymour-Smith, who is a BU Internship Specialist, has had a long working relationship with TWIYO’s founders. She had this to say about TWIYO, “From a small team there is a strength I have seen in their dedication, drive, and delivery for their clients. Viewing the small details of business development and making every employee including interns feel valued and rewarded.”

During this internship collaboration, TWIYO has grown its network of young talent and future finance leaders under Stuart Cook and Ryan Barnes' leadership, who prioritise the big picture and finer details of business development, ensuring that all employees, including interns, feel included and appreciated.

The strength of TWIYO's relationship with its interns is best exemplified by the fact that co-founder Stuart Cook attended the weddings of two previous interns this past month. This goes to show the genuine connections formed during their time at TWIYO.

TWIYO Takes On a New Meaning

TWIYO stands for The World Is Your Oyster but for Kerry, it means something else. She said: ‘To me, TWIYO’ stands for something different: "T: terrific team, W: wonderful working environment, I: innovative, intuitive, and initiative, Y: yielding a useful approach in a caring environment, O: outstanding mentoring." Not sure if we are going to rebrand but we love it, Kerry!

Cheers to this extraordinary partnership, and here's to many more years of success and growth!

Alana Zaccariotto

Manager - Business Operations

Alana has worked in both Sydney and New York City for some of the world's most renowned brands such as CHANEL and Calzedonia Group. She has experience working with high-level executives across multi-million dollar projects.

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